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Lisa's Driving School - The Driving Tests

The Theory Test
The theory test has two parts, part one is a multiple choice test of 50 questions and part two is a hazard perception test of 14 video clips, in which you will have to identify 15 developing hazards. You will be required to pass both parts in the same examination to achieve your theory certificate.

The multiple choice part of the test last 57 minutes and is taken using a touch screen computer. You will have to score a minimum of 43 correct questions in order to pass.

The hazard perception part of the test requires you to watch 14 video clips of everyday driving situations. In 13 of the clips one hazard - something that will cause you to stop, slow down or change direction - will develop. In one clip you will need to identify two hazards. You identify the hazard by clicking on a mouse. The sooner you identify the hazard you more points you will score. The scoring goes from five to zero.

You must score at least 44 out of 75 in order to pass.

The tests costs £23.00

The Practical Driving Test
The practical driving test lasts around 40 minutes and is designed to make sure that you can drive safely and that you can demonstrate, through your driving, a thorough knowledge of The Highway Code.

The examiner will firstly test your eyesight by asking you to read a number plate from 20.5 metres. Providing you pass this test you will then be asked 2 questions relating to the vehicle safety checks that should be carried out before beginning a journey. You will be required to show or tell the examiner what you would do and for this it may be necessary for you to open the bonnet of your vehicle.

You will then be asked to get into your vehicle and, before setting off, the examiner will explain to you how you will be given direction instructions. During the test you are allowed to make 15 driving faults. However 1 serious or dangerous fault will result in failure.

The test costs £62.00 on a weekday and £75.00 on a weekend.