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Lisa's Driving School - Testimonials

"I highly recommend Lisa to anyone wanting an AWESOME! driving instructor.
Initially I was very nervous but I very quickly felt at ease with Lisa as she made every lesson thoroughly enjoyable.

I was able to learn at a pace that suited me and Lisa gave me the confidence I needed to succeed and pass my test first time. "you were fabulous, I can't thank you enough."

Hannah Watkins

"I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to learn to drive,she is a very patient Instructor and i was so pleased to pass my test first time."

Kelly-Ann Thomas

"I have just finished a refreshers course with Lisa,I can highly recommend her to anyone,I had not driven for many years and thought of going back behind the wheel was very daunting but Lisa set me at ease on our first lesson,can not thank her enough,she gave me great encouragement and the confidence to drive again safely on my own."

Mary Carter

"Best instructor ever, I could not have done it with out her and will defiantly recommend her to any body :) calm, collected and fabulous."

Sam Noblet

"I would recommend Lisa to anyone! I was a slow learner when it came to driving but without Lisa's encouragement I would have struggled to find the will to keep going. Lisa was much more than an instructor me, my lessons were always filled with laughs and conversation. Thanks for everything."

Amy Johns

"Lisa is an amazing driving instructor, she has helped me from the very start of my driving experience and got me right through to the end. Her patience, experience and personality made me feel at ease whilst learning.

I chose Lisa because she was highly recommended, I also would recommend Lisa to anybody that is willing to learn. Thank you Very Much."

Aaron Breeze

"Lisa is a fantastic driving instructor, i always enjoyed my lessons with her. She gave me lots of confidence and got me to pass first time! I would definitely recommend lisa as she has lots of patients and is lovely. Thank-you."

Bronwen Parker

"I would recommend Lisa to everyone. I looked forward to all of my lessons because I felt like I was progressing really well. Not only did she get me through my test first time but she has recently got my brother through his test first time as well. A big thank you Lisa

Thanks for everything"

Tom and Olly Emery

"I recently passed first time with Lisa. I would recommend her to anyone. She has the patience of a saint. She used to take control when it went wrong and would explain so that I understood how to put it right so that my mistakes didn’t occur again."


"I passed with Lisa. I had had lessons with another instructor before I changed and am glad I did, she actually saved me money as I understood her first time and with patience she got me through quickly. Now I drive my own car everywhere. Cheers Lisa"

Sam Davies

"Lisa made my driving experience so easy I used to look forward to my lessons.She was very good at putting me at my ease.I found that I learned quickly and was very pleased when I passed first time."

Jimi Puente

"Lisa was my second driving instructor. She put me at ease as I was very nervous, built my confidence and turned me into a highly competent driver who passed 1st time.

I chose Lisa as she was a female driving instructor and I would highly recommend anyone to go with her."

Sarah Potter

"I was recommended to go with Lisa by my sister. She helps you to progress gradually and teaches you at your own pace. Lisa is also very experienced, calm and competitively priced.

I really enjoyed my driving lessons as they were fun and always looked forward to the next one! I don't think I would have passed 1st time if it wasn't for Lisa!"

Mark Potter